Frequently Asked Questions
At Samaritan's Hand we offer a Christ centered approach to freeing people from the bondage of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Below are a few common questions about our drug and alcohol program. If you happen to have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.
How much does AODA Counseling cost?
There is a sliding scale fee applied to all clients, based on monthly income.
How long does it last?
Individual meeting length is based on need and group counseling lasts 12 weeks.
Do you offer mentoring?
We have a 16-week one on one mentor-ship program that offers continued support.
Is this a residential treatment facility?
No, we are an outpatient clinic only.
Do you offer individual counseling?
Yes, we have a licensed counselor available for all drug and alcohol related individual counseling.
Do you accept health insurance for any fees charged?
We do not bill insurance of any type.
Is Samaritan's Hand AODA program recognized by local authoritative enteties?
Yes, we have licensed clinical AODA counselors that facilitate our faith-based 12-step recovery groups. Samaritan's Hand is recognized by the Wisconsin Deptartment of Corrections, Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles, Sheboygan County Court system and other outside communtiy organizations.
Do you offer Relapse Prevention Groups?
Yes, we have an 8 week Relapse Prevention Meeting.
How can I help?

Please print out the volunteer application and confidentiality agreement, complete the forms and return to Samaritans Hand. Thank you!
Where are we?

1714 N. 8th Street; Suite 4
Sheboygan WI 53081