Sober Living Rehab

Sober House in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Men’s Sober House - Residential Sober Living

Our Men’s Sober House is a faith-based environment with a required six month length of stay for lifestyle change. Residents must work a full time job, attend all Samaritan’s Hand programming, pass all UA’s & breathalyzers, pay the monthly fee on time and any other resident expectations given during the course of the stay.

Our house has a warm welcome feel as we want it to feel like home. While there are rules in place to keep the facility running properly, we encourage an at home feel, individualizing the treatment to encourage jobs, family, entertainment & hobbies. The facility offers a rec room, laundry room, living room, 2 bathrooms, kitchen & dining area. 9 bedrooms offer some single bedrooms and some shared.

We are organic in the fact that we are faith based & that we meet the clients where they are at. ​

Please call 920-254-6922 for an initial phone screening. Fees are based on a sliding scale fee that is decided upon at intake.​

Expect: 24/7 onsite staff supervision

  • Daily drug and breathalyzer tests
  • Random room searches
  • Person and property searched upon re-entry to the house
  • Residents must sign releases and maintain open communication
  • Meals, bedding, towels and laundry included
  • Samaritan's Hand programming included

To become a resident:

  • Potential resident must call 920-254-6922 to be screened
  • Complete intake with staff
  • Meet with staff for second interview
  • Must agree to the rules and obligations of Sober House
  • All residents must have or obtain a full-time job
  • Must pay a montly fee, due upon entry
  • Must pass UA before entering

Referrals to Samaritan’s Hand Sober House:

  • Probation and parole officers
  • Health and Human Services
  • Attorneys and court systems
  • Pastors and churches
  • Hospitals and medical staff
  • AODA treatment centers
  • Self
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