We bring hope to the hopeless & healing for the hurting from drug & alcohol addiction

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Invest in a life. Care about a soul who is lost in addiction. Give them hope. You can consider your donation as a LIFE GIVING INVESTMENT!


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Just For Today

“ You become part of a family coming here to Samaritan’s Hand. You are shown a new way to live. It’s been life-changing. The results are undeniable. Now I do Wednesday night Bible Study. I go to church on weekends with my son. It’s life-changing and undeniable. ”

Former Client

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Outpatient Rehab

Call 920-254-6922 for a phone screening to schedule an intake. We offer a 12 week, 12 step faith-based clinical group. Fees are based on a sliding scale and group is close-ended. Mandatory attendance.

Sober Living Rehab

Our Men’s Sober House is a faith-based environment with a required six month length of stay for lifestyle change. Residents must work a full time job, and are required to attend all Samaritan’s Hand programming.

Family Support

We do not offer services to family members at this time. Your loved one who is struggling with drug and alcohol addictions needs to be the one to call us to do a screening for intake. You cannot do the work that they can only do for themselves. However, we are willing to provide weekly meeting times to family members.

Samaritan's Hand

Samaritan’s Hand, Inc. is the only Faith-based, non-profit, drug & alcohol outpatient clinic in Sheboygan County. Adults that are dealing with or have had a struggle with substance abuse may attend services provided here. Our clients can attend a variety of services such as AODA Support Meetings, Bible Studies, AODA 12-week groups, Individual sessions or Relapse Prevention Group. Call (920) 254-6922

Our Philosophy

Samaritan’s Hand believes that with a Christ-centered approach, our clients can find mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing to achieve the full recovery process.

"Addiction took almost everything from me"

“I was addicted and living in the backseat of a coworkers car, urinating in a bottle, and riding the city bus during the day to stay warm during the polar vortex of winter. The day I came into the Sober House I had a wad of cash that I was either going to shoot into my arm or use to pay for rent in the Sober House. Thank God he helped me choose the Sober House, because I still think I would have died that day.
The Sober House isn’t like entering a treatment center. It’s like entering a home. The staff doesn’t try to make you live sober, they cause you to WANT to be sober. I’m here and I’m working and learning new ways to think. I might get down sometimes when I dwell on my problems, but I’m alive and I know I serve a BIG God!”

Resident, Sober House

"How has Samaritans Hand effected my life?"

Samaritan’s Hand has made a long-lasting affect on my life. I write this today and evaluate my life and how it has changed and I’m in awe of what Jesus has done in my life. One of the most impactful times of my life was at the Hand. It’s when things got clear. Kully sat me down and got me in the program the same day I meet him and they came along side of me like no one had ever done before. They gave me their time, spoke life into someone like me when they didn’t even know me, they believed in me and not too many people do when you’re in addiction and have felonies on your record. I will forever be grateful for Samaritan’s Hand and the love they poured out to me. I have just become the senior pastor of a church and have been a youth pastor for almost 4 years now. I’m inside the jails visiting young people. Now I get to speak life and love and hope into people the same way the Hand did and continues to do with me. I’m thankful and grateful for everyone involved with this beautiful place called Samaritan’s Hand!

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