Outpatient Rehab

Rehabilitation Clinic in Sheboygan

12-Step AODA Clinical Information

Please call 920-254-6922 for an initial phone screening.  Fees are based on a sliding scale that is decided upon at intake, we do not accept any type of insurance.  More information is given about the group at the time of the intake. 

Our office staff is ready to help you!  The staff is here on the front line to assist you through the process.  They are excited to get you started on your journey & they have the heart & passion for those struggling with substance abuse.  We try to meet the clients where they are at in their recovery.  

Call 920-254-6922 for a phone screening to schedule an intake. We offer a 12 week, 12 step faith-based clinical group. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

After graduating the clinical group you have the option to continue outpatient treatment in a Relapse Prevention group or retake the 12-Step AODA Group.  One on One sessions are available, but assigned based on a case by case basis.

AODA Support Meetings & Bible Studies

Attend our weekly meetings or bible studies held throughout the week, however many as you like.  Our evening meetings & bible studies continue to run on all holidays for those in need.  There is no appointment needed for these.  (Click here to go to the meeting & bible study list)

Why come to these events?  If you’re new to recovery, it’s important to know that it’s safe, there’s acceptance, there’s no shame & you are met with love.  We ask everyone to refrain from using any negative labels or anything demeaning of one’s self.

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