"I believe Kully (Samaritan's Hand's, Clinical Director) is a God send, he knows how bad things can get and is real and up front with his life and what he went through. You can trust him to put his heart in to all he does"
- Dirk Akright, graduate of Samaritan's Hand
"Kully is a down to earth guy. He loves God and has that personal relationship with God that is clear and evident to everyone who knows him. He never gave up on me and really showed me God's love! If it were not for Kully, Samaritans Hand and their referrals I would most like be in jail or dead."
- Nicole Gallipeau, graduate of Samaritan's Hand and Teen Challenge
"You become part of a family coming here to Samaritanís Hand. You are shown a new way to live. Itís been life-changing. The results are undeniable. Now I do Wednesday night Bible Study. I go to church on weekends with my son. Itís life-changing and undeniable."
- Shane Saunier, graduate of Samaritanís Hand.
"Samaritans Hand is truly something special. Going through the programs at Samaritans Hand not only helped me get sober, but more importantly it helped me get a relationship with the Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It helps people you wouldn't imagine get back what they have lost, I can testify to that. If it wasn't for Samaritans Hand, not only would I not be clean and sober today, but I really don't know if I would know the Lord and have a relationship with Him...God continue to bless Samaritans Hand and gives us hope for a better tomorrow!!! JESUS!!!"
- Tony Beamont, graduate of Samaritan's Hand and Volunteer