2020 New Years Eve Party

The following was heard from clients during this holiday season.

–“This was my first Christmas clean and sober.”

–“I get to spend Christmas with my son for the first time.”

–“You’ve been my family for the holidays.”

–“If I hadn’t come here tonight (New Years Eve), I might have died.”

–“This was my first Christmas and NYE I spent out of prison since four years ago.”

We had 40 people in our doors on New Years Eve. Some come for the AODA meeting, many came for the New Years Eve party, and 24 people were still here in the building at midnight to ring in 2020 together. Instead of yelling “Happy New Year!”, the group of brothers and sisters cheered, “Praise Jesus!” at midnight. Hugs, praise and excitement filled the air! Kully thinks the neighbors across the street might have heard them praising the Lord. Can you think of a better way to start 2020?

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Our 13th Annual Gala is coming up!

Registration for our 13th Annual Gala will be opening soon. We have a couple of new, exciting details this year: LEARN MORE/REGISTER HERE: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/samaritanshand13thannualgala/

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