November 2019 Newsletter

Drives Me Nuts

Hello everyone, Jim here.
Do you know what drives me nuts? Grinds my gears? Vexes me?

When I open my bag of smoke house almonds right where it says “tear here” and it rips too close to the zip lock thingy and now the bag won’t seal. Or when you have your windshield wipers on and there is that one spot that leaves a line. Or when you hit a water bug going 60 mph and it is right at eye level, and you know you can’t use your wipers because then you will have a layer of bug all over the windshield.

Or horse flies that have to circle around your head 10 times before they finally bite you.

To me the king of all pet peeves is seat kickers. I have a hard time controlling myself if someone behind me is kicking my seat. It’s even worse if it’s an adult.

Regarding Samaritan’s Hand Inc, the thing that drives me the most nuts is when we hear from people, “I never heard of you”.

How many people are out that need our services but don’t know about us? How many people would be willing to partner with us but have never heard about what we do?

Would you help us?

Send people to our website (, like us on Facebook and share our posts, forward this newsletter on to people, grab a stack of our brochures and hand them out, attend our Gala on February 13th, 2020 and bring a bunch of friends, invite us to speak at your church or other organization, attend a fund raiser and invite everyone you know, wear your Samaritan’s Hand Inc. swag when you go out.

Or how about this? Between now and January 1st go to Buffalo Wild Wings and mention Team K. Samaritan’s Hand, Inc. will receive 10% of your bill. Or plan on eating supper at Noodles and Co. on December 2nd. Samaritan’s Hand Inc. will receive 25% from the bill of everyone who mentions us. Finally, be on the lookout for the registration form for our virtual run coming this winter.

I have kids and like every good dad I like to drive them nuts a little bit. I’ve heard (and can confirm) that it will vex your kids if you put a “the” and make plural the name of any kind of game or app. For example, ask them how to play Minecraft.

So, I leave you with this, follow us on The Facebooks or check out our website on the internets.

Sincerely, the Board, the Staff and the clients of Samaritan’s Hand Inc.

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Our 13th Annual Gala is coming up!

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