September 2019 Newsletter

Anyone remember Music Land in the mall? Or Nickelodeon on 8th Street? My friends and I spent a lot of time paging through racks of records back in the day. Today I’m not sure if my kids know what that kind of record is. We are a big track family, so we did spend an inordinate amount of time over the years thinking about a different kind of record though. We have a really neat (at least to me) picture of my two boys and my wife in front of the Oostburg High School Track and Field record display. They are each pointing at their own track record.

Speaking of different kinds of records, there are two recent records that I want to let you know about in relation to Samaritan’s Hand Inc.

First, thank you to everyone who was able to take part in the fundraiser at Noodles and Co on August 26th. Samaritan’s Hand supporters broke the fundraising record for the number of meals sold and dollars raised, not only for the Sheboygan store but for the entire five state region. It was a great fundraising event but also a great opportunity for people in the community to get to know who we are. It was so great that Noodles & Co invited us to come back again on Dec 3rd to raise money on Giving Tuesday from 4-8pm, so please join us!

Second, Samaritan’s Hand Inc. started 8+ years ago with just a handful of clients. This past summer we had record attendance in each of four straight months between May and July. Usually summertime shows a drop in attendance for our programming but as of now we are touching a record setting 320 people per month on a consistent basis. We are grateful for the number of people we can show the love of Jesus to, but we also take it as a sign that there are many more people we need to help.

Want to help us break another record? Culvers in Plymouth is hosting a fundraiser for us during the entire month of September! Simply stop in, have something to eat & make a donation in the buckets provided.

Thank you for your support and enabling us to keep on doing what we do. Sincerely, Jim

**Lots of people have been asking about our annual glow run. Unfortunately, we are going to have to push the pause button on the glow run for this year. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we are planning a Virtual Run starting on Dec 2 & running through Feb 13th, 20! Stay tuned for more details! Interested in being a sponsor for this inaugural virtual run, please call 254-6922 or email for more info!

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